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Mar 22, 2013 1:00pm PDT
for the president to pursue a more aggressive pursuit to the civil war in syria are becoming more bipartisan by the minute. democratic senator carl levin and republican senator john mccain have urged the obama administration to use patriot missiles to degrade the assad regime's air power and the chair and ranking members of the house intelligence committee have introduced a bill calling for the administration to arm syrian rebels. asked today about whether the united states would provide a more aggressive military response to the syrian crisis, the president would only say this. >> the united states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in militarily then it's criticized for going in militarily. and if it doesn't go in militarily then people say why aren't you doing something militarily, and, you know, my response at this stage is to make sure that what we do contributes to bringing an end to the bloodshed as quickly as possible. >> joining me now is nbc's peteral exandriny. >> the president wraps up his four-day visit to the middle east tomorrow. with renewed pressure to handle
Mar 22, 2013 1:00am PDT
" bulletin. >>> u.s. intelligence officials now believe the assad regime in syria did not use chemical weapons on its own people. despite claims by rebel forces that those weapons were used, officials tell cnn there are multiple indicators that they were not deployed. >>> president obama is on an out of state dinner in israel marking the close ties between the u.s. and israel. he was awarded the presidential medal of distinction, israel's highest civilian honor. >>> major change coming to chicago. 53 underutilized public schools will be closed. officials say the money saved will be used to install air conditioning in other school facilities, invested in libraries and used to buy ipads for students in grades 3 through 8. >>> a man in australia himself a new father says instinct kicked in when a mom in a supermarket screamed her baby wasn't breathing. although not trained in cpr, he came to the child's aid to clear her airway, listened to instructions from paramedics over the phone and saved the child's life. >> wow. >>> the $500 million question, who is behind the biggest art heist in h
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Mar 21, 2013 12:00pm PDT
likely they're members of some of she islamic extremist groups who are fighting in syria. that, of course, is of great concern to israel when it's so close to their territory. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. put yourself in their shoes. those words from president obama to the israelis, talking about the treatment of palestinians who live in the west bank. on day two of the president's first trip to israel as president. he said that nation needs to make peas with the palestinians in order to ensure israel's survival and called for a two-state solution, one that gives the palestinians a land of their own. the president's comments come after he met with the palestinian leader, abass. he said israel has true partners in the leaders of the palestinian authority, but in a graphic reminder, the palestinian soldiered fired rockets on a city just hours before the president's visit to the west bank. >> children the same age is a my own daughters, who went to bed at night >> sat down with the israeli pratt and the talked of possible war with iran. >> that's right. perez was saying --
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Mar 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
and prosperity. at a joint news conference, president obama said his administration is working with congress to provide jordan with an additional $200 million in aide in the year to cope with the massive in flux of refugees streaming into the country from syria where there is a civil war going on. i'm harris faulkner. now, back to "huckabee." >> mike: this week the capital murder trial of dr. kermit gosnel charged with the murders of 7 babies and one patient started in philadelphia. back in 2010 h his abortion clinic was searched by police investigating the ill legal selling of prescription drugs. but instead they found what was described as a house of horrors. we want to warn you that the descriptions of the clinic and its procedures are graphic. >> in early 2011 philadelphia prosecutors released the disturbing grand jury report on the women's medical center owned by dr. kermit gosnell. the doctor, his wife and 8 employee hes were all arrested. the clinic was filled with unspeakable horrors. body parts found in garbage bags. unsan tare arery operating rooms and insufficient equipment to pro
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
for the war in iraq. president obama is still in the white house and democrats still control the senate and republicans have struggled to find the balance on america's overseas. john mccain advocating far more aggressive stances in places like syria while rand paul, a potential 2016 candidate is calling for the opposite. >> i would argue that a more restrained policy is the true conservative foreign policy as it includes two tenants of true conservatism. respect and fiscal discipline. instead of large land wars, we would, when necessary, target our enemy and strike with lethal force. >> when it comes to watching change shift, think about national security. national security was at the heart and soul of the republican party at least for about a generation and a half and democrats owned the national security issue for years. republican his to rely on general in order to gain credibility on foreign policy issues in the 50s. it took the vietnam war and then the iran hostage situation for democrats to lose that. republicans and bush and iraq lost that and it hurt the party and still hasn't r
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
is that netanyahu -- netanyahu knows obama is less inclined towards intervention. this could be a good thing. from the israel side, my sense is -- hear about the layout howe saw the conversation and then lay out some other key points, syria, lebanon, and the palestinian issue -- on iran, i think it is clear that men -- that netanyahu people go in, when we hear that certain weaponry has been moved out of the goals, or diplomacy has been indecisive, how do they relate to that? the red line that denis mentioned and the iaea report -- they are down in a uranium. netanyahu will say, i have been vindicated and with red lines. i told you so, mr. president trip obama will say, maybe that means we have more time. mantinea welcome back and say, with these centrifuges, they can surge forward to the 230 kilograms of the need for 90% uranium within the 30-40 day-. -- day dash. nobody is looking for confrontation. i think they can asked pointed questions in a cordial atmosphere about that. each one will look at iaea report and read into it what they want to read into it. netanyahu, red lines work. obama, maybe
Mar 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, the major developments of the day: president obama encouraged palestinians and israelis not to give up on peace. the u.n. agreed to launch an investigation into the possible use of chemical weapons in syria. and the u.s. house voted to approve legislation to avert a government shutdown. >> brown: online, how can the u.s. avoid the scary economic scenario unfolding in cyprus? kwame holman has details. >> holman: boston university economist larry kotlikoff explains the connection between the banking crisis in cyprus and a doomed general motors car of the 1960s. that's on paul solman's "making sense" page. and judy woodruff's notebook looks at the challenge for the obama administration to bridge the understanding gap on what americans actually know about the affordable care act. all that and more is on our website hari? >> sreenivasan: and that's the "newshour" for tonight. tomorrow night, part three of our series about how high speed broadband connections are changing our communities. i'm hari sreenivasan. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. we'll see you online and again
Mar 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
. >>> president obama is preparing for his first presidential trip to israel and he's leaving this evening, expected to talk with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about middle east peace, syria, iran. it's a pretty thick list. the president is also going to stop in the west bank and jordan. >>> jodi arias has a pretty good memory when it comes to her sex life with her former boyfriend, travis alexander, and pretty graphic detail, in fact. however, she can't remember some very, very important facts, like the number of times that she stabbed him, slashed his throat, shooting him in the face, when it happened, how it happened, exactly. a psychologist for the defense explains why this memory seems, at least seems, conveniently foggy. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go
Mar 20, 2013 11:00am PDT
in the end, jake. >> this trip as you know comes in the shadow of claims that syria is using chemical weapons against the rebels, claims that president obama just minutes ago noted were unconfirmed but he did also say that if they're true it would be a game changer. you had a chance to talk to israel's justice minister about this. what did she say? >> well, she said the u.s. involvement would make a difference in syria and she said chemical weapons in syria threaten israel and she's confident that they have been used in syria but she wouldn't say by whom. have you seen any evidence of proof that there has been chemical weapons used in syria? >> it is clear to us in israel that it's being used, and the problem is that while it's being used we have syria, we have hezbollah in lebanon, and the
Mar 18, 2013 8:00am PDT
's reinforcing a very strong relationship. we have to talk to israel about what's happening in syria, the iran situation. so on many fronts it's a useful, positive trip but no big break. >> especially when it comes to geopolitical relationships here's what president obama had to say last week on his radio tv with his relationship with bebe netanyahu. >> we've got a terrific relationship. he's very blunt with me on issues, and i'm very blunt with him about issues and we get stuff done. >> blunt? the trip is going to highlight talks with netanyahu. but the speech in jerusalem, more to be done with visiting with mahmoud abbas as well. could this be obama helping to set up secretary of state john kerry for what you talk about is the larger issue of peace negotiations down the line? >> yes, and i believe secretary kerry is very committed to a middle east peace process. i think it's long overdue. and i think the president's got to give him the political cover that secretary kerry would need. and key is going to be the israeli public. and the relationship with president netanyahu. you know you what s
Mar 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
that there are underneath all of this very significant issues. syria, iran, and other issues in the region to manage. >> richard wolf, for a president not running again, what are the politics of this visit for president obama? >> well, i don't know that it is a political calculation for domestic american politics. there are obviously a whole series of challenges in the region that he has to deal with. in particular, how do you balance out responding to the situation in syria that's terrible, awful humanitarian crisis there, and the strategic difficulties of trying to deal with iran and hold or build a coalition to deal with that. i think it is international politics, not american. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. >>> coming up, ten years after the start of the iraq war let's remember the wise people who were right about how wrong it was for us to invade iraq. >>> in the "rewrite," a 12-year-old boy's letter to the chief justice of the united states supreme court asking his two fathers be allowed to marry. >>> later, the nra continues to support a man's right to carry a gun even after threat
Mar 24, 2013 12:00pm PDT
to baghdad to talk about weapons that iran is sending to syria by flying over iraqi air space. meanwhile, back home, president obama has returned from his four-day trip to the middle east. the president received praise from mitt romney's former chief foreign policy adviser on his commitment to containing the iranian nuclear program. take a listen. >> what he said in israel is, we will do everything we need to do and containment won't work. it's not a policy preference, it will not work. in a sense the president was taking on his own at home, saying containing an iran nuclear program is unworkable. and for him to say that in israel, on the ground, standing with the israeli prime minister was a powerful statement. so i think it had the effect of reassuring the prime minister. >>> and with the defense of marriage act and proposition 8 both going before the supreme court this week, it was a hot topic on many of the sunday morning shows. former adviser to president george w. bush, karl rove, was asked about gay rights and the future of the republican party on abc this morning. take a listen t
Mar 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
, we really should have done something a couple of years earlier to stop what's unfolding in syria. >> we're not even really sure this opposition is and who we would be arming. >> yeah, well, i would go back to the some of the successes of obama's trip, one of the big unheralded success is netanyahu's apology to turkey. and turkey's prime minister. because that creates an interesting new alliance. moving forward diplomatically before the incident with the flotilla two years ago. it creates a new alliance, egypt, turkey, qatar, it could be as these anti-assad countries sort of alie under one banner -- >> she's right on that. the israelis, the turks, they're all very concerned about this. but i also think we don't know who the opposition is. yes, there are bad actors -- >> we can shape that. >> right. we have no equity, no investment, no shaping, no nothing, we don't really know them. and the fact that all of these bad guys are there, is because of the vacuum that has been created -- exactly. >> you make an excellent point. netanyahu doesn't go around apologizing. >> i'm surprised he
Mar 18, 2013 1:00pm PDT
, and which subjects are expected to dominate the president's agenda there? because, you know, we have syria, but there's also the ongoing anxiety about iran and a nuclear weapons. >> reporter: right. certainly a lot of ground to cover, martin. i think that one of president obama's goals will be to really send a strong message to prime minister benjamin netanyahu as well as the people of israel and other people in the region that he stands firmly with israel. as you know, the president and the prime minister have had a somewhat rocky relationship. so it's partially to smooth over that relationship. the president has taken some criticism, particularly during the last presidential campaign, that he wasn't a strong enough ally to israel. i think part of it will be to smooth over that perception. but i think you will see the president reiterate the fact the united states will do whatever is necessary to make sure that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. of course, that is a big concern for israel and will also sort of reiterate the united states will try to continue to isolate syria and to make s
Mar 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
-- >>> erin, thanks. tr tp ten yeaten years before fifinp find chemicfind cbas in syria. tonigp tonight you're going from tp from tfrom the roo eye. p he lived to tell about i. possibly prevent the murder of other students. plus, congresswoman michele bachmann, now she claimed that president obama's wasting your money on his lavish lifestyle. where exactly is she getting her information? where are her facts? we tracked her down today and asked her and wait until you see how she responded. we begin with breaking news, news that could, could just trigger military action by the united states in syria. the news tonight, the possibility that the regime in syria, which has already shown itself capable of doing almost anything to its own people, might be doing the one thing that triggers military action, might be, might be using chemical weapons. crossing a red line that president obama himself laid down. they have, they have used chemical weapons, that would leave the president with a major challenge as he heads tonight to israel as it shares a border with syria. air force one
FOX Business
Mar 21, 2013 11:00am EDT
congressional oversight. critics complained the program lacks transparency. president obama urging palestinians and israelis to resume peace negotiations. president obama refused to endorse the call for a settlement freeze. the united nations will investigate charges that chemical weapons were used in syria. the syrian government requesting that probe accusing rubbles. the syrian opposition says the regime is responsible for the chemical weapon attack. those are your latest headlines. i am jamie colby. i will send it back to dagen. dagen: hitting the highest level in over three years. mortgage rates are helping boost sales and prices. thankfully, inventory. it is part of burke shirer hathaway. a major real estate firm across this country. inventories have been so tight. how important is that to continuing to bring out the sellers? >> dagen, the biggest challenge that we have right now is the incredibly low inventory across the country. what a change it has been from two years ago when we were at an all-time high. the sales activity is clearly being constrained by a lack of inventory coast to co
Mar 20, 2013 5:00am PDT
. and the latest, which is syria and the violence there, and the spill-over into the middle east especially after this week's accusations back and forth of who may have fired a chemical w weapon. president obama spending the next three days in the middle east and his remarks this morning, he said that the winds of change bring promise and peril. laura? >> very interesting. thank you very much, tracie. >>> droeps will be up for debate on capitol hill as they discuss the potential of drones for domestic use. alameda county sheriff's office had floated the idea of using drones for community surveillance. unmanned aircraft being used by businesses and agriculture. critics raising concerns about privacy. drones took the spotlight a few weeks ago during kentucky senator rand paul's 13-hour filibuster on that senate floor when he discussed the possibility of drone strikes against u.s. citizens. >>> in other news, the piece of world history has a permanent home in mountainview. after a year of debate, the city finally deciding what to do with two massive pieces of the berlin wall. marla tellez is live in
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 3:00am PDT
, and perhaps that can get more movement out of prime minister netanyahu if president obama is able to rally support from the israeli people themselves. >>brian: here's the unscripted part. the story yesterday about syria possibly using poisonous gas, poisonous chemicals, gas, on the rebels. they're accusing each other of using this. that now becomes front and center; correct? >> it certainly becomes an issue. this probably shows the relationship we're seeing right now between the united states and israel that is not necessarily while the united states and israel are friends, they don't necessarily have the same goals in mind. for the israelis, the status quo inside syria is by far the best. they are terrified of the rebels, a largely infamous based group, the al qaeda influence inside the rebels. that is something that has the israelis scared where the united states is pushing for president bashar assad to leave office. obviously the united states and israel are very concerned about the chemical weapons. israel is probably only concerned if they get into the wrong hands. the united states h
Mar 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
targets at what he thought would satisfy obama. he didn't do it. they wanted the election to respond to the president of the united states. now he's doing what he probably should have done in the first term. >> very quickly, if syria -- when syria falls. i think everybody believes it's a when, not an if. does that make the peace process harder or easier? >> i think that -- that right now the reality is they're detached. i think that if syria continues to be a mess. let's ask ourselves what that means. it probably means that syria goes -- the problems go over border. if they begin to go into iraq. begin to go into turkey. begin to go into, of course, lebanon. as that begins to happen, to spill over through the region, i don't think it necessarily affects one way or another the palestinia palestinians. it raises the temperature in the entire region. that doesn't mean the effort will go into a palestine and israel deal. >> steve clemons. >> great to be with you. >>> quick live look. markets. dow finished in negative territory friday. very small. snapped a ten-day winning streak. guess w
Mar 18, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. we're talking about afghanistan but how do you think history is going to judge the obama administration's decision not to intervene in any significant military fashion in syria? 70,000 dead as you know and several million refugees. >> i think it's way too early how to predict how history is going to judge whether our policy is right. it's not too early to know how history will judge assad. that's easy. but in terms of whether or not we have proceeded in a more deliberate way than some would want us to, and probably a little more than i would want us to if you want to get into that, nonetheless the goal here is to make sure that what happens after assad is, is stable, is diverse, is not chaotic. that the right people are the ones that take over when assad goes. and that's, that's a matter of putting in place, if possible, a kind of an interim political coalition, which will have broad support inside of syria, which will not see a long period of retribution and violence following the fall of assad which will happen. and putting that in place to the extent that's possible is
FOX News
Mar 23, 2013 3:00am PDT
that have come from syria here into jordan and it's straining the economy here. president obama under pressure back home to maybe intervene militarily. he pushe yesterday at a news conference and pointed out that the u.s. is the leading donor of aid to this situation and pledged 200 million dollars more, take a listen. >> since the start of the situation in syria, we have stepped up as not just a super power, as you phrased it, but also because of basic humanity, to say that assad needed to go. we haven't just led with words, but we've also head with deeds. >> reporter: assad must go he said. but what's going to happen in a post assad syria, there's a lot of fear, whether al-qaeda, other terrorists, extremists and move the chemical weapons and spread them to jordan or other countries and here in the middle east, you have the issue whether or not an islamist government would come in post assad. a lot of big issues and one reason the president is headed back to washington and leaving his secretary of state john kerry behind to work on what is a massive global issue. >> alisyn: ed henry
Mar 22, 2013 1:40am PDT
a major blow to syria's embattled president. the country's main rebel group insists, though, it is not responsible. >>> president obama wraps up his visit to israel later today and meets with the king of jordan one of the u.s. top allies in the region. president obama took his case for peace directly to the israeli people. abc's john karl is traveling with the president. >> reporter: even as president obama came to the holyland to talk peace rockets fired into a gaza strip hit in a town in israel. with rockets flying and peace talks going nowhere, the president by passed mideast leaders and instead talked directly to the next generation. 600 israeli college students. >> part of the reason i like talking to young people is because no matter how great the challenges are, their idealism, their energy, their ambition, always gives me hope. >> reporter: he told the young israelis to put themselves in the shoes of young palestinians. >> look at the world through their eyes. it is not fair that a palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own. >> reporter: for now israel
Mar 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
president talking about contentious issues involving iraq and syria. cnn's nick paton walsh is traveling with the secretary this morning. nick, can you give us the latest on this trip? >> certainly. this is, of course, the secretary's sixth trip since president obama's first term, but really the most acrimonious atmosphere to walk in, still the hangover of secretary of defense chuck hagel's trip here, in which president karzai intimated that, in fact, the u.s. had been working with the taliban in some way. we have as we landed received news that the handover of the facility has finally been completed. that will remove one of the thorns in the side of this relationship. and there has been a recent agreement to change force structures in wardak province. that's also been contentious. there will be a meeting between hamid karzai and john kerry. the two having met for a number of occasions before, and said to have a good pornal relationship. but i can't really stress what an awkward time this has been for the united states and how much a mission, really, john kerry has to try and patch this
Mar 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
strategic benefits not just in this region but also for the u.s. >> mr. obama also promising $200 million in additional aid to jordan to cope with the influx of syrian refugees. is this a sign of him taking a harder line against syria here? >> you know, when he was really given an opening to take a harder line on syria in a press conference and asked pointblank will you take military action really, he wouldn't go there. the aid is it essentially shore up an important u.s. ally that is straining under the burden of sharing a border with syria because the world isn't doing something to take a harder line. jordan is taking in up to 7,000 syrian refugees a day. more than 400,000 have fled here since the violence began. it's taking a huge economic toll on this country frankly already struggling after the arab spring because since then arab states have stopped giving this country the money, the same amount of money they used to receive and keep in mind that jordan is a country without oil. they are really struggling and this is the u.s. stepping up in support. >> jessica yellin, thank you so mu
Mar 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
of the efforts the obama administration has made to try to iron it out. >> bill: finally, there remains the issue, of course, of syria. i know john kerry warned iraq, you should not be allowing iran to make these flights and providing support to the government of syria. >> right. >> the slight crossing in iraq and israel's convinced that syria did use chemical weapons recently. the united states investigating. what's the latest on that? >> the jury was still out on that. the president has sort of set a couple of different red lines if you will on that issue. last year, he said if the syrians sort of even got ready to use them we could act. the white housedes that back and said no, only actually ice would bring us in. they came up in jordan. jordan has soon an influx of almost half a million refugees from syria and they are expecting if the fighting continues there over the course of this year by the end of the year, they will have a million refugees, which something on the order of 10% of their population or something like that. >> imagine. >> you know, we
Mar 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
obama, through arm twisting, convinced netanyahu to call turkey and apologize for a deadly raid against a turkish ship. that will be key in moving forward with issues like syria and tries to reopen the peace process in the middle east. so i think white house officials are feeling good about the trip. the big question, if you talk to experts in the region, is what is president obama going to do now to try to restart peace talks? of course, secretary of state kerry is really taking the lead on that. to what extent will president obama engage in that and get involved? that's what experts around the region will be watching. overall, they believe it's a success. alex? >> something else that could be deemed successful, the first budget in four years after the all nighter friday into saturday, what's the reaction there at the white house? >> final votes came in at 5:00 a.m. the white house thinks it's a good thing, that bill that passed through the senate really echos what president obama would like to see in terms of deficit reduction but the problem, of course, is when you match up is the se
Mar 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
, in israel this morning. >>> any second now we are waiting president obama, his remarks with the palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas. we will bring you those remarks the minute that they happen. meantime, new developments this morning following the possible use of chemical weapons in syria. dueling requests for an investigation. >> syrian government and the opposition are claiming each used chemical weapons in aleppo and a suburb. u.s. officials are trying to get proof that these weapons were used at all. barbara starr is at the pentagon for us. this point it's about confirming whether this sort of attack actual actually happened, barbara? >> that is correct, christine and john. u.s. intelligence community conducting its own investigation. we have new details about what they are looking at. as more pictures emerge of hospitalized syrians, u.s. intelligence agencies are in a massive, around-the-clock effort to determine if these people were attacked by chemical weapons. so far, u.s. officials say there is no corroboration. >> so far, we have no evidence to substantiate the reports that chemical
Mar 22, 2013 2:00pm PDT
financial aid to the king of jordan as he struggles with a flood of refugees from war-torn syria. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is in the jordanian capital of ayman. hey, jess. >> hey, brianna, president obama, jordan's king abdullah stood for assad to stop the massacre. neither of those two men offered a single new step to force assad out. the final stop in the president's hopscotch around a region in tumult. a visit with jordan's king abdullah. >> the thing i mainly remember when i came here is his majesty was kind enough to personally dreef me to the airport. i won't tell you how fast he was going. but secret service, i don't think, could keep up. >> reporter: close u.s. ally, jordan's king is facing new strains. political pressure, as one of the only royals still standing after the arab spring. and economic troubles made worse with more than 400,000 syrian refugees fleeing to safety here. so, president obama jetted to amman to show support. but he arrived late. delayed by a sandstorm earlier in the day. >> we ended up having a sandstorm. >> reporter: to the kingdom
FOX News
Mar 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
are keeping a close eye on syria after reports last week that chemical weapons were used. both sides claims it was the other side. but u.s. intelligence officials have not been able to confirm the reports. president obama has said that chemical weapons would be, quote, a gameing us for a fair d balanced discussion. congressman edroyce and the ranking member of the committee, congressman eliet engle. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: mr. chairman, your reaction to the news that the opposition leader, backed by the syria says he's resigning because he hasn't gotten enough support? itch this is a big problem. we have finally made a decision, it's too late in the game, to use actionable intelligence it and to assist the free syrian forces on the ground. but here's why we needed to do more to assist this faction. their competition against assad is the cited franchise that operate there is, mostly foreign fighters. so if we with our intelligence and by giving the green light to our allies, if we can do more to assist the free syrian army, we can destabilize and perhaps remove assad.
Mar 20, 2013 4:00am PDT
obamas begins his middle east trip with a stop in israel today. he's expected to meet with israel president israelnet anyahu . the visit comes as trouble is not for surface and neighbor in syria. the ed payne has the story. >> some u.s. lawmakers say syrria may have crossed the line. >> i have a problem believing chemical weapons were not used. we need the final verification of everything we know of the last year-and-a-half. we will come to the conclusion if they are positioned for use or impact have been used. >> a chemical attack that killed the five people and wounded hundreds tuesday. rebel supply and the government. >> the syrrian crisis is expected to top it with israeli, palestinian, and jordanian leaders this week. >> the u.s. says ithe presidents clear that he said if those using chemical weapons does not meet their obligation to secure the there will be consequences. >> i am of ed pyne kron 4 news. >> a huge blow for gun control advocates. >> senate majority leader harry reid says a ban on assault weapons will not be part of the gun control packages bring to the senate f
Mar 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. there was a head-on collision that driver is still being searched. syria was the big topic today. there is civil war has generated thousands of refugees. the president wants to get $200 million in u.s. aid to help jordan deal with those refugees. president obama and jordan's king held a joint news cothe king called the president an old friend and welcomed him and the usthe two world leaders held private talks with each other before taking questions from the media. syria was their main topic. right now, that country's civil war has pushed about 460-thousand refugees across jordan's borders. abdullah says that number will probably double by the end of the year. the president says he will 200-million dollars in aid to help jordan deal with israeli prime minister apologized to turkey for a deadly raid on a flotilla, three years ago. that raid is seen in this video released at the time forces. eight turkish activists were killed when commandoes stormed the ship-- which was attempting to carry aid to gaza. turkey's prime minister has accepted the apology. this marine that worked at this candid it scho
Mar 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
of the president landing in jordan, one of the closest allies. president obama is meeting with king abdullah in ahman to discuss the spillover effect of syria's war and the 350,000 refugees there. the president started the day by visiting the hall of names in jerusalem where he laid a wreath. a memorial to each and every jewish person who died in the holocaust. mr. obama spoke about the lessons of the holocaust and reminded israel about the importance of having its own security. after that the president traveled to bethlehem where he toured with mahmoud abbas. palestinian flags greeted president obama in a courtyard outside the church, which is considered to be the oldest continuously operating christian church in the entire world. >>> here in the bay area, the search is on for a driver who left the scene of a deadly hit-and-run crash that shut down several lanes in san jose. other drivers found her body in the middle of the freeway near mclaughlin and killed 911. they don't know why she was walking on the freeway and they say she didn't have any id on her except a set of keys. several lanes
Mar 20, 2013 1:40am PDT
obama are starting new terms. there are major issues to be discussed. the white house is calling this a broad strategic conversation to focus on syria, iran and the israeli palestinian peace process. of course, three of the most pressing issues for these two countries today. >> if this is more about symbolism what progress can we expect from the president's meetings with the israelis and the palestinians? >> well of the three issue that will be discussed on this trip this is the one where the least progress is expected to be made. expectations have really been lowered by the white house. they made it very clear, since the trip was announced they aren't coming here with any grand plan, any new vision to get this peace process back on track. it hasn't budged in more than two years. and it will be discussed at the president's meetings with prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. none of these three sides are optimistic at this point that negotiators will be back at the table anytime soon. >> alex, let's talk about syria. the presid
Mar 20, 2013 11:00pm EDT
rebel fighters. president obama commented on these reports during his trip to israel. >> with respect to chemical weapons, we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happens. obviously syria right now you have a war zone. you have information that is filtered out, but we have to make sure that we know exact to what happened, what was the nature of the incident, what can we document and what can we prove so i've instructed my teams to work closely with all of the countries in the region and international organizations and institutions to find out precisely whether or not this red line was crossed. i will note without at this point having all the facts before me, that we know the syrian government has the capacity to carry out chemical weapons acts. we know that there aren't those in the syrian government who have expressed a willingness to use chemical weapons if necessary to protect themselves. i am deeply skeptical of any claim that in fact it was the opposition that used chemical weapons. everybody who knows the facts of the chemical weapons stock pile inside of syria as well
Mar 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
in aftereffort to restart peace talks. >>> in neighboring syria both sides in the bloody civil war are now claiming chemical weapons have been used for the first time, but the white house says there is no evidence yet to prove that. president obama has warned of possible u.s. military intervention if such weapons are used. >>> and a big development from another global hot spot, the korean peninsula. overnight the big banks and tv stations in south korea were paralyzed after an apparent cyberattack. north korea is the main suspect. >>> and here at home, autism may be far more widespread than we thought. a new government survey of parents found that 1 in 50 school-age children has some form of autism. a previous study said it was more like 1 in 88. this report found a significant number of children have been diagnosed at older ages. >>> and look at this. a dramatic scene in new york. a worker trapped up to his chest in mud for four hours finally pulled above ground overnight. more than 150 firefighters helping with that rescue. the man was working in a subway tunnel trench when the walls cav
FOX News
Mar 24, 2013 3:00am PDT
? predict how you see things playing out in the region? >> the first question is exactly if syria as you said, when does assad go? and what about the 5,000 al-qaeda linked jihadies, what do they do next? >> we in the united states, president obama has been pretty passionate about that, and said my policy is, i'm going to stop them. israelis have to decide whether they can truly trust that or have to take this into their own hands. i think he went a few steps forward on this trip, but would you bet the security and future of your country on this? or would you ask yourself? that question still faces israelis and a couple of features aren't going to change that. >> clayton: and will the united states back a preemptive attack by israelis? great to see you on the show. an act of kindness from one of our heroes to his girlfriend. and we'll hear about the simple note that has since gone viral. and then, what's the big stink? a family forced out of their home by their pet pig. us wha and ♪ [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but
FOX News
Mar 22, 2013 3:00am PDT
syria and their chemical weapons there with the king. that's going to happen in a couple hours. meanwhile, here in israel, everyone is digesting these two days of charm offensive by president obama and by all accounts, it's worked pretty well. these are the major daily newspapers here from israel. you can see the president here. that's gone over very well. the president again in his speech here and saying that president obama said demand peace from your leaders and this speech by president obama was an attempt to take his message directly to the israeli people and bypass netanyahu here. of course, for a long time, president obama's likeability here in israel hasn't been that high. only 10% in a recent poll. this speech was designed to really change that and at least according to local press and analysts here, he has certainly done a lot to soften his image. it's not so much what he said, it's how he said it. he said the same things about iran and the need for a palestinian state, but did so within the narrative of israel and the need for empathy here to the israeli people. now
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